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Heritage Club

Photo of Wall of Honor

Those who name the Foundation in their will or trust become members of the Heritage Club. The Kansas Masonic Foundation provides a unique opportunity for you or your family members to establish a family legacy.

Heritage Club Members

The Heritage Club recognizes individuals who have designated the Kansas Masonic Foundation as a beneficiary in their will or trust.

Daniel O. Carr, Jr.
Patrick C. Carr
Martin M. & Linda L. Donaldson
David C. Eckert
Michael L. Horning
Robert N. Johnson    
Thomas G. & Sue A. Kleist
Joanna E. Knapp
William P. Leonard
Daniel C. Minde 
Mary L. Olson
Robert B. Pfuetze
Walter Powell, Jr.
Robert J. Provo

Charles R. & Merry D. Rayl
Edward M. Rice
Michael N. Rice
David L. Ryan
Robert A. & Candace A. Shively
Lyle V. Shoemaker
Mark E. Smith
Jeffrey L. & Cheryl E. Sowder
Robert C. Talbott
John J. & Helen M. Witmer




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